About Thunder Ridge of Maine

Thunder Ridge Farm, founded in 2014, is a privately owned and operated equestrian facility located on over 120 beautiful acres of land in Biddeford, Maine.  We offer horse boarding, care, and workshops. 


At Thunder Ridge Farm we believe in doing what is best for our horses. We enable them to graze freely in a paddock made to resemble natural travel trails. They exercise free choice of hay, water and terrain allowing them to behave more similarly to how they would in the wild. They are fed a natural diet that is free of commercial grains, processed sugar, molasses, and GMOs. And we care for a strong, natural hoof, free of shoes. Read more about natural horse care here

Meet the Staff
Jeff And Leslie Dutton

Leslie is the owner and operator of Thunder Ridge Farm. Before moving to Maine, Leslie lived in Texas where she dreamed of starting her own farm like the ranches she saw around her. She fell in love with horses when she met a 6-month-old pure black colt that she named "Thunder." Who, as you might guess, has become the Thunder Ridge mascot. Leslie has found a passion in creating a healthy and happy environment for horses to live freely. Jeff is co-owner of Thunder Ridge Farm.    He learned the hard way that when it came to horses, we had to choose our own path.  Conventional wisdom was failing Bailey, my daughter’s beautiful thoroughbred.   Like many thoroughbreds, his hoof angles were off and his heels were under running.   When conventional approaches failed, we went back to the basics - how do horses in the wild avoid these problems with bare hooves,  and the solution was as simple as diet, terrain, and ensuring hoof trimming created a natural foot shape.    We are advocates of barefoot horses and my daughter’s thoroughbred has been a state champion on two occasions.   We have been lucky enough to have been able to help several other horses recover to a state of good overall health by applying these simple approaches in a world where conventional thinking prevails.   My day job is working on business optimizations for a leading private equity firm.   Jeff is a Maine native and is happy to be back home after working across the country for many years.  

Lizzie Dutton

Lizzie has been riding horses since 2012 and she has a passion for ensuring the horses are well taken care of. Lizzie is currently competing in hunter jumping throughout the state of Maine and has participated in eventing in the past.

Meet the Horses

Apollo is 10 years old and 17 horse hands. He is a standard bred and percheron cross gelding. Apollo rides English and Western.


Bo is 18 years old and 14.22 horse hands and is solid paint horse gelding. He prefers Western, is a retired lead line horse and is now a jumper.


Wrangler is 11 years old and 16 horse hands. He is an ex-barrel racer who now rides English as well.


Bailey is 12 years old and 15.3 horse hands. He is a Bay Thoroughbred who is a trained hunter jumper. He won throughout the state of Maine and New Hampshire.


Thunder is our baby at 6 years old and still in training. He is 16.5 horse hands and a Black Frisian and Gypsy cross gelding. 


Whiskey is 12 years old and 14.3 horse hands. He is a gaited tail horse and straight from Kentucky.