Lessons That Build Confidence and a Bond

At Thunder Ridge, we know that a strong horse and rider bond is essential in training. We seek to understand each individual horse to ensure they have a chance to be excellent at their job. Our lessons focus on communication, developing a rider who knows the language of their horse and a horse who know the language of their rider. We want to make sure that every horse understands each individual signal and performs the request with confidence and poise. After a strong foundation of communication, basic form, and routine has been established she moves on to a tailored strength training program.

Beginner to Intermediate

In these tailored 1:1 lessons the rider is taught the basics of leading, mounting/dismounting, walk/trot/canter, and jumping. Riders are also trained in basic horse care, hoof care and tacking.


Professional lessons train riders in advanced skills and prepare them for grand prix competition. Riders will have the opportunity to show in start and out of of state in shows such as MEHJ, New England Final, etc.

Trail Riding

Enjoy our xx miles of trails through a guided trail riding sessions. Trail rides are every Sunday, weather permitting, for groups of four or more.

To learn more or sign up for lessons email leslie.dutton@me.com
Summer Camp

Introducing Thunder Ridge Summer Day Camp! A week long experience at Thunder Ridge for horse lovers 12 years and up. Learn how to ride or become a better rider, study best practices to care for your horse and enjoy the out of doors. More information to come.